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See See Rider......

......Keep me satisfied

Eric Nordby
24 June
UPDATE: I manage a bookstore in Albany, OR. I work delivering a crappy nickel add. I sell vinyl records on EBAY under the name "harmonium vinyl". So, three jobs. I play music in a band called "NORMAN" www.myspace.com/ericnordby yeah, there you go. That's all that's going on at the moment.

I've always been fond of music. I play guitar and piano among many other instruments. I'm Norwegian......you know. I'm cuddly and smiley and yes I'm emotional. I am a writer, poet, and some kind of student or something...maybe...at Oregon State. I USED TO DRIVE pizza and work at a radio station to support my music gear habit...but I don't work radio anymore and I can't work pizza anymore because I got fired for being in London too long. I guess that was a bad choice on my part...no regrets! Now I work at a book store....YUM and work delivering crappy nickel ads. So, two jobs now. I also like photography for fun. My latest project is taking pictures of shoes on telephone pole wires....these pictures are underneath rocks now in the middle of nowhere. We'll see what happens to them.

I paint. I use acrylic paints mostly. I like painting alot. Ask to see my art if you're interested.

I so belong in the day of brit rock but somehow I ended up here, which isn't so bad at all.

I sing and scream with music in the car, in the bathroom, in the garage, and even at work.

I'm weird...but whoever said that was a bad thing.
60's, 7"s, 70's, 99 cent t-shirts, abstract art, all night diners, analog synthesizers, art projects, autumn, aveo, battle beasts, beck, bendixon, black and white photography, bmw 2002, bob dylan, book stores, bootlegs, byrne, camera obscura, candles, cap'n jazz, capsule, christian, clinic, coffee romance, coldplay, concert flyers, corvallis, cub foods, cuddling, dave clark five, death cab for cutie, delta haymax, dismemberment plan, driving at night, ebay, england, eugene, europe, european traveling, fender jaguar, flowers, fountains of wayne, gibson, girls with short hair, god, good beer, graphic design, gravestones, harmonica, home movies, hubcap annie, indie rock, iron and wine, italian food, itialian food, john lennon, john vanderslice, kings of convenience, late night phone calls, life aquatic, local zeal, london, long kisses, maritime, melodica, microbrew, mixed media, mixtapes, moog, nada surf, nalgene bottles, norman, norway, nw, old man music, opus-3, oregon, painting, pajamas, pavement, pedro the lion, people with english accents, pete seeger, photograph, photography, pictures, pizza delivery, poetry, poetry books, pointless art projects, portland, pretty girls make graves, radiohead, refired ectoplasm, rickenbacker, salem, seattle, seldom, set, sing-a-longs, sleeping under stars, soup, stereolab, sufjan stevens, superdrag, sushi, sven libaek, the animals, the beatles, the bible, the coffee romance, the dandy warhols, the flaming lips, the french kicks, the hollies, the kinks, the north west, the pixies, the promise ring, the rolling stones, the royal tenanbaums, the secret stars, the shins, the vicious kisses, the walkmen, the zombies, they might be giants, thrift stores, traveling, traveling the world, truckstops, ugly cassanova, uilab, velvet underground, vintage schwinn bikes, vinyl, walks in winter, weezer, wes anderson, wisconsin, writing, wysocki puzzles